Safety & Security

Annual crime statistics are maintained and available in the Annual Security & Fire Safety Report.

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Crime & Community Alerts

Any incidents that requires a timely warning to the university community are sent via email and posted to this site and jwuLink.

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Silent Witness Anonymous Report

Report crimes anonymously if you are nervous about providing information to the police or campus security. Campus Safety & Security work hard to keep our campus safe, and we need your help in achieving our goals.





Should you have any problems accessing our campus facilities or programs please contact our Center for Academic Support or Campus Safety & Security.


Communications officers answer emergency, non-emergency and business telephone lines at all times. They radio-dispatch security officers to calls for service and monitor alarms for campus buildings.

Lost & Found

Items are held for 90 days. Call about lost items at any time, day or night; however, items can only be picked up Mon-Fri 8am-4pm.


Campus Safety & Security officers patrol the entire campus.

Access Control Project

Student safety is our number one priority. With this in mind, building access on the Charlotte Campus is controlled through a proxy card system. When you arrive on campus, you will be given an access card that will grant you campus-wide entry to buildings. Improper use of an access card —for example, allowing unregistered guests to gain access a residence hall— can result in a suspension of access rights and/or referral to the student judiciary.

Project ID

To aid in the recovery of lost or stolen items, valuables are engraved with a unique number, which is then entered into a database with your information.

Safe Walk

A student escort service is available so you don't have to walk alone late at night. Safe Walk is available Sun-Sat, 6pm-12am on the campus. Call 980-598-1900 for details.



Safety Tips

JWU’s Charlotte Campus is situated in Center City, typically one of the Queen City’s safest areas. While crime is a concern in any urban environment, Charlotte students enjoy a safer environment due to campus-wide security features, including access control cards, cameras and security patrols.



Areas to Avoid

However, Campus Safety & Security has highlighted certain areas around campus that should be avoided if at all possible. The most notable are as follows. 

  • The area and businesses in and around West Trade Street and I-77, including but not limited to Bojangle’s Restaurant and the CITGO gas station. Both locations are known gang hangouts and have a very high crime rate.

  • The area surrounding the Greyhound Bus station, located between 4th and Trade Streets. This area has a high rate of robbery and violent assaults.


In addition, please note the following safety tips. 

  • Always walk in well lit areas; avoid alleys and shortcuts.

  • Walk in groups. If you don’t have a group to walk with, stay close to others walking in the same direction so you are not alone.

  • Do not carry valuables, including credit cards, cash or expensive jewelry, on your person when you do not need them. Traveling to and from class with these types of items can make you a target for robbery.

  • Do not use ATMs in the early morning hours. This is a prime time for robbery — criminals often watch ATMs for potential victims.

  • Do not leave valuables in plain view in your vehicle. Lock any electronics or other valuables in the trunk of your car when you are in class. Remove them when you get to your destination.

  • Do not ever give your debit or credit card information to anyone.

  • Register your emergency contacts.

About our Staff

Campus Safety & Security officers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Primary responsibilities include maintaining a safe and secure living and working environment, as well as the enforcement of parking regulations and efficient traffic flow.

Security officers do not have arrest powers; however, the university has developed a highly cooperative relationship with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department to help ensure prompt and efficient action.