First Time Users 

First you need to create an account in Squarespace. (Squarespace is the content management system that hosts your Safety website).

  1. You will receive an email inviting you to set up an account.

  2. Create your account. Choose whichever username and password you prefer.

To Log in: 


1. Log in.

Go to https://login.squarespace.com.

Login with your username/password you have created.

You will see the Safety site.

2. Click “Pages.”

Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 2.53.21 PM.png

3. Scroll to “Alerts."

Choose your campus's alerts blog.

Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 2.53.31 PM.png

4. Click the "+" icon. 

Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 3.37.29 PM.png

5. Enter a title and copy. 

Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 2.55.59 PM.png

6. Link your document.

Highlight the words you want to link. Click the link icon.

Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 2.57.03 PM.png

Click "File." Then click "Add a file."

Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 2.57.31 PM.png

Select the PDF you want to add form your computer. Once it uploads, make sure "Open in a New Window" is selected.

Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 2.57.59 PM.png

7. Publish the alert.

Click "Draft," and select "Published."

You can schedule the publish date and time if you choose.

Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 2.58.12 PM.png

8. Click "Save & Publish."

To Delete an Alert

Click the alert. Click "Delete."

Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 2.59.18 PM.png
  1. Log into jwuLink.

  2. On the News page, scroll to the Crime & Community Alerts portlet for your campus.

  3. Click the Edit (pencil) icon.

  4. Type your alert text.

    • If you need to include the link, highlight the text you want to link.

    • In the URL field, enter the website URL.

    • Click OK.

  5. Click Publish.