Community Notice - Illegal Discharge of a Firearm

At around 1:15 am on Wednesday April 10th, Campus Safety & Security officers responded to the southeast perimeter of the JWU Denver Campus after hearing the sounds of gunfire coming from the area of 16th and Poplar Street; this intersection is located in a neighborhood south of the campus. Denver Police also quickly converged on the area and established a perimeter around the location of the gunshots. Two possible suspects were seen by police fleeing the area in different directions. They are described as a light skinned, African-American or Hispanic male wearing dark clothing, and an African-American male wearing an orange sweater. There is no one injured from the gunshots.


Denver Police officers are currently investigating what may have happened at the scene.

JWU Campus Safety & Security officers and Denver Police have checked the area to ensure no suspects entered the JWU Denver campus.

Please remember to always report suspicious persons, vehicles, or activities to Campus Safety & Security. If you hear something that sounds like gunfire, get to safety immediately and report it as soon as possible, even if you aren’t sure what the sounds are. It is also important to remember that our campus is located in an urban environment, and we should continue to maintain a high level of situational awareness on or off campus.

Thank you to those who called to report what they heard. If you have further information about this incident, please call Campus Safety & Security at 303-256-9500 or the Denver Police Department at 720-913-2000.