Community Notice - Increased Theft Activity



To                     Denver Campus Community


From                Denver Campus Safety & Security Advisory      


Date                  January 17, 2019


Re                     COMMUNITY NOTICE- Increased Theft Activity


Campus Safety & Security recently received two reports of theft from the area of Aspen Hall. One incident involved the theft of a wallet from a backpack inside of a classroom on January 7. The other involved a theft of belongings from inside a vehicle in the Aspen Hall parking lot on January 16.


Both of these matters have been reported to the Denver Police Department and are being investigated. If you witnessed anything involving these two thefts, please contact Campus Safety & Security at 303-256-9500 or the Denver Police Department at 720-913-2000.


As a reminder, the JWU Denver Campus maintains electronic access control at all of our primary external doors. Please remember to always have your ID card with you while you are on campus. As a campus best practice, do not allow persons you do not know to trail in behind you when you enter a building.


Whether you are on campus or off, maintain a level of awareness of your surroundings. Pay attention to suspicious behavior, and do not hesitate to call Campus Safety & Security or the Denver Police if you see activity that looks out of place.


It is imperative to protect your belongings and identity. Do not leave personal belongings unattended and in plain sight. Keep your items with you at all times, or lock them in the trunk of your car, a temporary locker on campus, or in your private residence or office.


Protect your wallet, bank cards, and personally identifying information. Avoid leaving bills in plain site or disposing of them in the trash without first shredding them. Keep your wallet close to you or locked away, and make certain your bank monitors transactions made on your credit or debit cards.


Finally, be sure to lock your car, office, home, or residence room doors. Make it a habit each time you leave for class or work.  


These basic changes in lifestyle may take a few extra moments to attend to, but they are critical steps to keep you safe and your valuables and identity protected.


You can view additional safety and security resources at the following links: