The Johnson & Wales Campus Safety & Security department is committed to ensuring a safe and secure learning atmosphere and quality of life for students, faculty, staff, and visitors to the university. Whether through providing safety education and crime prevention guidance, handling calls for assistance, or solving problems, we are dedicated to providing a level of excellence in campus security that   surpasses the standards and expectations of those we are devoted to protecting. Our delivery model has and will continue to be Safety, Service, and Enforcement.

Our Campus Safety & Security department is staffed and operational seven days a week, and 24 hours a day. It is comprised of full-time security officers, and part-time student resource officers. We work in partnership with the Denver Police Department, Denver Fire Department, Department of Justice and other surrounding agencies and school safety departments.

Silent Witness: Report crimes anonymously if you are nervous about providing information to the police or campus security. Campus Safety & Security work hard to keep our campus safe, and we need your help in achieving our goals.

Project ID: a record keeping service Campus Safety & Security offers. You can register your valuable property with the department in order to retain the information in the event your valuables are lost, found, or stolen. To register, click on the above icon and complete the form; then turn the form into Campus Safety & Security.

Safewalk: Campus Safety & Security Officers, along with Student Resource Officers are available to assist anyone requesting a walking escort to and from buildings, or any location within the Denver Campus. Just call Campus Safety & Security at 303-256-9500.

Parking Permits: Permits are sold either on line or in the Campus Safety & Security Department. Annual permits are $120.00 and term permits are $50.00. To purchase click on the icon above and be redirected to the Transportation & parking website, or go directly to

ID/Access Control: All buildings within the Denver Campus have controlled access; this means no one can enter a building unless they possess a Johnson & Wales University ID card. ID cards are distributed by Campus Safety & Security. If you need an ID card please visit us and have a valid government ID so your identity can be verified. By clicking on the icon above, you will have access to tips on how to care for your JWU ID.

Crime Prevention: Campus Safety & Security runs various crime prevention programs throughout the year. We mix passive programming along with events in order to educate our young adults on how to be safe in their community, and in their personal lives.

Lost & Found: If you have lost an item on campus, please visit Campus Safety & Security to check if it has been turned into us. If we do not have the item you can leave a description of the item, where you lost it, your name, and phone number. We will call you if the item is turned into us. You can also turn lost items in; just be ready to give your name, and phone number so you may be reached. Campus Safety & Security can be reached at 303-256-9500.

Emergency Phones: You will see there are multiple emergency phones places throughout our campus. These phones are easily identifiable because they have a blue light above them. If there is ever an emergency, or you feel unsafe, please utilize these phones as they contact Campus Safety & Security directly. Please click on the icon above and access the campus map to become familiar with our emergency phone locations.